About Jungle Java

Jungle Java opened its doors in Canton, Michigan in July of 2003. We opened our second corporate store in Farmington Hills, MI in December of 2006 and then opened our first franchise store in Ann Arbor, MI in April of 2007. The idea came from founder, Denise Mehl, a mom of three herself, who spent a period of time in England with her husband and two boys when they were young. Some of her British friends would meet at a place where there was a large, indoor climbing structure and enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids played. Wouldn’t that work well back in the States? After talking it over with her husband, Doug, they decided to look into the idea further. What better place to take your children, a place designed for your kids and you! While the founders, Denise and Doug Mehl, were 100% committed to embarking on this journey, they wanted to team up with partners who were as enthusiastic and passionate about their vision as they were. They eventually partnered up with close friends, who understood the vision. Together, they are now proud to offer Jungle Java; a great place for moms, dads, grandparents and friends to enjoy with their children. Thank you all for enjoying our vision with us. We hope you enjoy your experience as much as your children do!  


Jungle Java isn’t your typical children’s play center. Too many others are chock full of greasy food and coin-operated games. Jungle Java is not. Jungle Java is based on providing families with healthy food and active play. We believe that there’s more to a birthday party or family outing than the chaos of blinking lights, clinking coins, and loud characters dancing all around. Jungle Java was designed with both kids and parents in mind. Parents can enjoy sitting on a comfy

leather sofa, listening to soft music, and sipping a premium Latte, while their kids enjoy active play in our huge indoor play structures.

Healthy Food, Active Play…

    • Physical development and exercise through active play

  • Motor skill development through active play
  • Relaxation time for parents and caregivers
  • Healthy food choices for families. No greasy or deep-fried foods
  • An extra-clean environment for children to play in. No ball-pits and structures are disinfected daily
  • Families can have fun together.

Adults are also encouraged to play with their children in the structures. Jungle Java play structures are built with children and parents in mind. We make it easy for parents to climb in and interact with their children. Fetching a crying or distressed child from our play structures is a cinch.

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