Make a reservation in advance for your group outing and receive a discount on general admission for organizations with 12 or more paid admissions. Snack and lunch packages available. If at time of entrance you do not have 12 or more paying children, general admission prices will apply. Subject to availability which varies by day. Group discounts valid Monday-Friday only. Some black out days may apply.


  • Mom’s Clubs/Groups
  • Preschools
  • Daycares/Summer camps
  • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts
  • Non-profit organizations

 Group Admission:

    • Ages 2 and over – $7.00
    • 12-23 months – $3.00
    • Infants under 1 year and adults are FREE

Option 1: Enter as a group and pay individually.

Option 2: Elect a group chairperson to collect the money upfront. This person needs to arrive before anyone is allowed into Jungle Java. *

*For security reasons for your children, we have a sign in/sign out entry system. Each parent/coordinator is required to sign their child in before getting through the buzzer gate. In order to leave, the same person must sign their child out. This system applies to group or general admission.

Food & Beverage:

Outside food and beverage cannot be brought into the facility. For your group’s convenience, we offer two different packages. Coordinators are responsible for providing package selection at time of reservation, not less than 24 hours before arrival.

  • Snack Package $1.95/child – 12oz. drink (fruit punch or lemonade) and 1 snack bag (chips or pretzels)
  • Lunch Package -4.50/child- kids meal entree, bag of chips/pretzels, and a 12oz. drink (fruit punch or lemonade).


Are you tired of the same old pizza kit, candy, and cookie dough sales? Get your kids off to a healthy start by promoting healthy fundraising activities at Jungle Java. Fundraising doesn’t have to involve selling food items of limited nutritional value. A well-run fundraise at Jungle Java can be an experience that educates, builds self-esteem, promotes school and community spirit, and provides an additional physical activity opportunity for kids. Fundraisers are for non-profit organizations.

Simply choose a day (Monday – Friday) for your school or organization to come in and play. We will give 50% (Yes, ½!) of the admission sales that your group generates, right back to your group! We will write you a check for the full amount within 1 week of your event! Call and speak with a manager to set up a date 248.919.3284. Some black out dates may apply.