Birthday Party FAQ’s

Birthday Party Picture

How many guests can I invite?

Jungle Java can host parties up to 50 children. Our trained managers will assist you with planning the party that best suits your needs. Seating will be reserved for the number of children participating. Adult seating is not reserved. If you arrive with more guests than you reserved, Jungle Java will do its best, but cannot guarantee extra accommodations.

Do you have private party rooms?

No, the Canton location does not have private party rooms.

When do you need a final headcount?

The guaranteed number of children and food choices is required one week prior to your party date. You will be charged for the number of children that you confirm on this date. If last minute additions/subtractions need to be made, please call us prior to your party to let us know.

What about decorations? Can I bring my own?

Jungle Java supplies all of the necessary decorations and paper products for a Jungle themed party including table coverings, streamers and balloons. If you have special decorations that you would like to bring in, you are certainly free to do so. You may even drop them off at Jungle Java a day in advance so that our staff can decorate for you. Please keep in mind, no pinatas or silly string.

Can I bring in my own goodie bags? What about bringing in a piñata or silly string?

Jungle Java supplies wonderful Jungle themed goodie bags. They are included in some party packages and can also be purchased a la carte. However, you may also bring your own goody bags. We do ask, however, that you please give them out to the children as they are leaving the party so that small toys and candy do not end up in the play structure. Jungle Java does not allow piñatas or silly string to be brought into the facility.

Do you supply birthday cake and ice cream?

Yes. Themed birthday cakes, cupcakes, and ice cream sundaes can be purchased from us. Some party packages include the birthday cake. Orders for cakes should be placed at time of party booking.

Can I bring in my own party food?

No. No outside food or drink, other than birthday cake (cupcakes) and/or ice cream may be brought into the facility. Birthday cake and/or ice cream can only be brought into the facility if a birthday party package is booked and can only be consumed in a reserved birthday party area.

How do you handle siblings who are not on my guest list? Am I charged for them at the package price?

If they are participating in the party and you wish for them to have party food, drink, and a balloon; they will be added to your guest list and you will be charged the package price. If they are not participating in the party and are only attending in order to play, you will be charged the general admission price of $8.00/child.

Can I reserve a private party or rent out the entire facility?

Jungle Java does not typically close to the general public for private parties. However, under certain circumstances, exceptions may be made. We do offer after hour private parties that start at 8:30pm. Please give us a call to discuss private parties.